1. NAME :

The name of the Institute shall be “Calcutta Police Sergeants’ Institute” and will include the following units :-
(a) Police Athletic Club, (b) Canteen and Tent Bar. (c) Billiards, (d) Library.


The Headquarters of the Institute shall be at 18, Lalbazar Street, Calcutta-700 001 with a subsidiary office at 14, Crooked Lane, Calcutta-700 001


The rules shall be called “The Rules of Calcutta Police Sergeants’ Institute”. They shall come into force with effect from 1.8.82 and shall supersede all Previous rules framed so far for the guidance of the Institute.


The English Calendar year shall be the Financial Year (….) of the Institute and is hereinafter referred to as The Year”.


The colours shall be white and royal blue.


a) To promote and encourage good association, brotherly feelings, mutual understanding, co-operation and to create a social atmosphere amongst the members.Shall also represent to the appropriate authorities for redress-ing the Constitutional and Functional irregularities and discrepancies in the service condition of the members.
b) To provide and maintain a tent and a playing ground or grounds for the purposeof playing games and other uses by the members of the Institute.
c) To provide and maintain a Canteen for selling stores, wines, spirits etc.at a reasonable price to the members and also to maintain a bar at the tent.
d) To provide and maintain a Billiard Table for the use of the members of the Institute.
e) To provide and maintain a Library for the use of the members of the Institute.
f) To organize Social functions, and indoor games or any other activities which the Executive Committee, subject to the approval of the members at the Annual General Meeting, might like to undertake.
g) To utilize the excess balance of the profit of the Institute, if any, solely for the benefit and betterment of the Institute and shall in no way be distributed to the members either by way of dividends or by way of remuneration and allowances.
h) To utilize the existing “Burial and Crematory Fund” for providing financial relief to the distressed family of a member in the event of his death.
i) To provide assistance to any member in distress.


There shall be five classes of members viz, Members, Associate Members, Honorary Members. Honorary Life Members and Life Members :—

a) Members :

Membership shall ordinarily be open to the Sergeants, Non-investigating Cadre Inspectors and Assistant Commissioners of Police, Calcutta. The Executive Committee may however also grant membership to police officers of and above the rank of Sub-Inspectors.

b)Associates Members:

The Executive Committee may grant associate Membership to persons other than police officers, in special cases, who have been sponsored by a regular member of at least 5 years standing.

c) Honorary Members:

All Deputy Commissioners of Police and the Administrative Officer, CalcuttaPolice Directorate shall be Ex-Officeio Honorary Members of the institute.

d) Honorary Life Members:

A member of at least 20 years standing, for rendering exceptional and exemplary service to the Institute or for promotion of sports in general, may be recommended for honorary life membership by the Executive Committee after thorough examination for consideration at a general meeting. A two third majority vote of the general meeting shall be required to grant such membership. The Honorary Life Member shall retain all the privileges of a member for life and shall not be required to pay any subscription.

e) Life Members :

The Executive Committee maygrant Life Membership to a Member after dueConsideration, on payment of a lump sumdonation in lieu of subscriptions, subject to ratification in a genera! Meeting.

Note :-

i)Membership shall be optional.
ii) A member who had resigned his membership for any reason whatsoever shallnot be re-enrolled as a member unless approved by a majority in a general meeting.
iii) A member may retain his membership after retirement but will cease to enjoy the credit facilities.
iv) An associate member shall have no voting powers and shall not also be eligibleto stand for any erective post.


The Commissioner of Police and the Joint Commissioners of Police shall be the Patrons of the Institute.


(a) The monthly subscription for each member shall be Rs.3/- only (Rs. 1.50 for Police Athletic Club, Rs. 1/- for Library and 0.50 P. for Establishment Cost). The subscription rate for Associate members will be Rs. 5/-only per menses. (Rs, 2.50 for Police Athletic Club, Rs.1.50 for Library and Re.1/- for Establishment Cost).
b) Subscription for the month shall be payable by the first week of the following month. It will be realized at the source and forwarded by the Unit Drawing and Disbursing Officer to the Hony. General Secretary.
c) The Executive Committee may however from time to time fix such additional monthly subscription as it may deem proper for members actually taking part in certain games that may be introduced hereinafter.


Any member whose subscription for three months and other Institutional dues, if any, be in arrears for more than one month shall forthwith be deprived of all facilities of the Institute and shall be served with a demand notice in writing. Any such member who shall fail to pay up his arrears within one month of the issue of such notice shall be served with a second and final notice. If his dues still remain unpaid after a fortnight of the date of issue of the second notice he shall cease to be a member of the Institute and proper action should be taken against him for realizing the arrear dues. The Executive Committee may however, on due representation by the member concerned for special reasons shown, extend the time for repayment of dues and allow the member to enjoy the privileges of the Institute.


(A) Office Bearers :

i) The following office bearers and members of the Executive Committee shall be elected every two years from amongst the members of the Institute, of not less than three years standing with the exception of the President.

a)President—The D. C,Headquarters shall be the ex-officio President.
c)Hony. General Secretary
d)Asstt. G. Secretary
e) Hony.Treasurero)Hony.Rugby Ball Secretary
f)Hony. Cricket Secretary
g)Hony. Hockey Secretary
h) Hony. Basketball Secretary
i) Hony.Canteen Secretary
j)Hony.Billiards and Indoor Game Secy
k) Hony. Football Secretary
l) Hony. Game Secretary
m) Hony.Library Secretary
n)Hony.Volleyball Secretary
p) Hony.Social Secretary
q) Hony.Hand Ball Secretary
r)Hony.Kabaddi Secretary
s)Hony.Athletic Secretary
. t) Hony.Service Cell Secretary

ii) The Executive Committee shall comprise of the President, Vice-President, Hony. Treasurer, all the Sectional Secretaries and three other elected members.

(iii) Captains and Vice Captains of all Indoor and Outdoor games shall be selected Every year by the Executive committee from amongst the playing members of the Institute of not less than three years standing.


The General management of the Institute and the administration of its affairs shall be vested in the Executive Committee.Any vacancy in the Executive Committee due to any reason whatsoever shall not render the composition of the Executive Committee invalid. Provided, such vacancies do not exceed half of the total strength of the Executive Committee. a) The members of the Executive Committee shall ordinarily hold offices till the next election is called.
b) The Executive Committee shall co-opt two other members. Casual vacancy in the Executive Committee may be filled up at a meeting by the rest of the Executive Committee.


(a) All properties movable or immovable belonging to the Institute shall be deemed to be vested in the Executive Committee.
(b) The Executive Committee shall have the following powers incidental and subsidiary thereto; that is to say:
1) To accept gifts or be quested properties, movable or immovable with or without conditions being attached to such gifts or bequests.
2) To receive and give a valid discharge for receipt of any such gifts or bequests.
3) To purchase, take on lease or exchange or hire or otherwise acquire and/or Dispose of any property or any right or privilege of such property.
(c) To invest the funds of the Institute as they deem advantageous to the interests of the Institute.
(d) To employ as many persons as they may, from time to time, consider necessary for the efficient management of the Institute and define the terms of their employment and take such disciplinary measures against them as they think fit. The Executive Committee shall have the power to sanction leave, overtime allowances and gratuities to the Institutes employees and examine other benefits including Provident Fund facilities and Pension by making bye-laws, as and when they think fit.
(e) The Executive Committee shall have the power to make such bye-laws and Amend any such existing bye-laws and do all such acts or things as they think proper for the welfare of the Institute provided that such bye-laws. Acts or things are not repugnant to anything contained in these rules.
(f) The Executive Committee may from time to time appoint other Sub-Committee and assign to them such work or duty and delegate to these, such powers as the executive committee may think fit. All such Sub-Committee shall be under the general control and direction of Executive Committee.
(g) The Executive Committee shall select any one member to represent the Institute at the WBOA, CAB, BHA.,WBBA,WBVA,WBAC,and such other parent associations from amongst themembers of the Institute other than the Hony. General Secretary.
(h) Each of the games shall be subject to the general direction and control of the Executive Committee.


(a) The meeting of the Executive Committee shall ordinarily be held once every Month on three days previous notice by the Hony. General Secretary. An emergency meeting of the Executive Committee may be held at anytime on short notice.
(b) A member of the Executive Committee, other than the President and the Vice-president, who remains absent from three consecutive Meetings of the Executive Committee without any valid reason shall be deemed to have ceased to be a member of the executive Committee and shall not be eligible for reinstatement during the term of office of the Executive Committee.
(c) Seven members shall form the necessary quorum at all meetings of the Executive Committee.


The President or, in his absence, the Vice-president or in the event of the absence of both, the senior member of the Executive Committee shall take the chair at any meeting of the executive Committee.


Complete minutes of the proceedings of every meeting of the Executive Committee snail be recorded which shall be confirmed and signed by the Chairman, and will be circulated to the members of the Executive Committee.


The Hony. General Secretary shall maintain at least two Minute Books, properly bound and indexed, in one of which shall be recorded the minutes of the Annual General Meeting and Extra ordinary General Meetings and in another minutes of the Meetings of the Executive Committee. These minute books and all documents relevant to each decision except those relating to Sub-Committee Proceedings, recorded therein, shall be open to Inspection by any member on written request to the Hony. General Secretary.


The Executive Committee or a member thereof shall not during their or his term of office be removed from office except on a motion of ‘No Confidence’ passed at an Extraordinary GeneralMeeting of the Institute, of which not less than seven days’ notice shall be given to all members and life Members. Such proposed resolution shall state the precise reason for the motion of ‘No Confidence’ with a view to enabling the Executive Committee or the member concerned to prepare his defense. In the event of a vote of ‘No Confidence’ being passed against a particular member or members of the Executive Committee, he or they shall forthwith cease to hold office and the vacancy or vacancies shall be filled by election. In the event of a vote of ‘No Confidence’ being passed against the Executive Committee the Committee shall be dissolved and a new committee shall be elected as laid down in the Rules. A member such removed shall not be eligible for re-election as office bearer for a period of five years from that date.


The Hony. General Secretary subject to the control and direction of the Executive Committee shall :

a) Be the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute.
b) Have charge of all correspondence of the institute, and see that the recordsof the Institute are properly filed and pre-served.
c) Have custody of and maintain in good order and condition all trophies, souvenirsand seals of the Institute.
d) Exercise general supervision over the servants and con-tractors of the Institute.
e) Prepare and lay before the executive Committee draft Annual report of theworking of the institute together with an audited statement of account.
f) Be ex-officio member of all Committees.
g) Convene and attend all meetings of the Institute and cause minutes of all Meetings of the Executive Committee and of the Annual General Meeting andExtraordinary General Meeting, if any, to be correctly recorded, confirmed andkept,
h) Bring to the notice of the Executive Committee for action cases of ungentlemanly conduct of any member.


The Hony.Asstt. General Secretary subject to the control and direction of the Executive Committee shall;

a) Assist the Hony. General Secretary in the discharge of all his duties and the exercise of all his power.
b) Perform from time to time such duties and exercise such power as mayfromtime to time be delegated to him by the Hony. General Secretary and in his absence, perform all of his duties and exercise all his powers.
c) In the absence of the Hony. General Secretary attend all meetings of theInstitute and take down and keep correct minutes of all meetings of the Institutes other than those of the Sub-Committee.


TheHony. Treasurer, subject to the general control and direction of the executive Committee shall :-
a) Be in-charge of all accounts and all funds of the Institute.
b) Arrange to collect regularly subscriptions and dues from the members, bring into the notice of the Executive Committee cases of nonpayment of subscription and dues, and deposit all Institute money, as and when received, into the Institutes Accounts with the Banks. c) Be empowered to operate on the banking accounts of the Institute jointly with the President.
d) Keep a list of members with addresses and a separate list of defaultingmemberswith actions taken by him and results, if any.


The President shall preside at all meetings and regulate the proceedings. He shall supervise the general administration of the Institute with the authority.He may get the report or information from the Hony. General Secretary or any Sectional Secretaries or from any member of the Executive Committee directly for any alleged maladministration in the affairs of the particular section.He shall be an ex-officio member of all Sub-Committee and, if present, at any meeting thereof, shall take the chair.


The Vice-President shall assist the President in the General administration of the affairs of the Institute and preside over ail meetings when the President is not present. In the event of the President being unable to attend to his duties for any reason whatsoever the Vice-President shall carry on with the routine work of the President.


There shall be a Sub-Committee for each section as mentioned here-in-after.


The President, the Hony.General Secretary and the Hony. Assistant General Secretary shall be ex-officio members of all sectional Sub-Committees.

a) The Sub-Committees for outdoor and indoor games shall each consist of theEx-officio members, the sectional secretary, the captain and two other members of the Institute.
b) The other sectional Sub-Committees shall each consist of the Ex-officio members, the Sectional Secretary and two other members of the Institute.


The members of ail the Sub-Committees, other than the ex-officio members, shall be appointed every year by the Executive Committee, on nominations submitted by the Sectional Secretaries, from amongst the members of the Institute, within a month of the Annual General Meeting :


a) Sub-Committees shall hold meetings, once in two months, on two days previous notice or shorter notice in case of urgency or at the requisition in writing by two members of the Sub-committee made to the Sectional Secretary, who shall be the convener of such meeting. Three members shall form the necessary quorum.
b) Each Sub-Committee shall record and confirm the minutes of all the meetings and upon requisition by the Executive Committee shall forward to them the minutes of such meetings.
c) A member of the Sub-Committee absenting himself from three consecutive meetings without sufficient reason shall be deemed to have ceased to be a member of the Sub-Committee and shall not be eligible for reinstatement during the terms of the office of the Sub-Committee. Casual vacancy in the sub-committee may be filled up by the Executive Committee.


Each of the Sectional Sub-Committee mentioned herein before shall subject to the general control and direction of the Executive Committee.

a) Prepare and place their Sectional Budget if any before the Executive Committee for their sanction.
b) Thereafter allocate the Budget to the different Heads of Expenditure and see that the Budget grant does not exceed without the previous sanction of the Executive Committee.
c) Through their respective Secretaries send requisition for money to the Hony. Treasurer and make requisite purchases for their respective sections.
d) The sectional sub-committee shall be responsible for the properties purchased and shall submit accounts of such properties to the Hony. General Secretary within a period not exceeding seven days from the date of such purchases.
e) Through their respective Secretaries render monthly statement of accounts to the Treasurer within a week of the following month. In default the Hony. General Secretary is empowered to take necessary action including stopping of future advances.
f) Prepare fixtures and select players for the different matches and make recommendation to the Executive Committee regarding competitions and games outside Calcutta and selection of players and Managers of such competitions and games.
g) Administer the necessary Medical and Surgical aids and reliefs to the players.
h) Keep a register of playing members with their addresses and postings, minute books and such other books as they may from time to time consider necessary.
i) Deal with all matters connected with their respective sections.
j) Keep a complete and correct stock book of all properties duly checked and report any loss or damage forthwith to the Hony. General Secretary.
k) Maintain in proper order and condition the Institutes grounds on the Maidan for games, Library, Billiard Room, Institute office and such other places as the Institute may use from time to time.
I) Keep an Issue Register of all articles issued to and returned by the members and vouch for the entries therein with necessary signature of the recipients.
m) Have the quarterly stock taking made of all properties and of all sections.
n) See that no movable properties are given on loan or hire without the previous sanction in writing of the Hony. General Secretary.


No expenditure or liability in excess of the total amount sanctioned expenditure in the Budget shall be incurred without approval of the Executive Committee.


a) The Institutes accounts shall be audited by competent auditors to be appointed every year at the Annual General Meeting on such remuneration, if any, to be fixed at such meeting.
b) The executive Committee shall submit to the members at the Annual General Meeting a report of the Institute for the year together with an audited statement of account for the year.


The Annual General Meeting of the Institute shall be held on a convenient date after the 1st of March every year on fifteen days’ notice to the President and Members. Fifty members shall form the quorum.

The President shall be the Chairman and in his absence the Vice-president. Business to be transacted at such meeting shall be :

a) Confirmation of minutes of the last Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meetings,if any.
b) Adoption of the report of the working of the Institute for the previous year.
c) Passing of the audited accounts of the previous year, appointment of auditors, consideration of the proposals, if any, for addition or alteration of rules and any other business.
d) Fix the date of holding the Election of the office bearers.If the Annual General Meeting is not called within the specified time reasons or other, the President shall call such Meeting on a requisition signed by at least 50 members, after giving 7 days’ notice to the members.
Note :— The election of office bearers will be held biannually.


a) An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called on a requisitions, signed by 75 members stating the object and purpose of the meeting, being sent to the Hony. General Secretary who shall call such meeting giving seven days notice to all the members and Life Members. No other business shall be transacted in such meeting. 50 members shall form the necessary quorum.
b) Not-with-standing the provisions contained in the previous rule the Executive Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting on 7 days’ notice. 50 members shall form the necessary quorum.


Members who are defaulters according to Article 10 of this Constitution shall not be eligible to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting. Not-with-standing the provisions contained in articles clauses and sub-clauses Mentioned in the rules, all decisions arrived at the Annual General Meeting, or Extraordinary General Meetings by virtue of its being passed by a majority of the members present and voting shall be binding on all the members of the Institute.


a) No business shall be transacted at any meeting unless a quorum of members is present.
b) If at the meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting if convened upon the requisition of members shall be dissolved and in any other case, it shall stand adjourned to the same day in the next week at the same time and place, and at such an adjourned meeting the members present shall be a quorum.
c) If at any time during a meeting, sufficient members are not present to from quorum, the chairman of the meeting on his attention being drawn to this a fact shall adjourn it to a convenient date, time and place as he thinks fit and the business to be transacted at this meeting shall be disposed of in the usual manner at the adjourned meeting and the members present there shall be a quorum.
d) No business shall be transacted at any adjourned meeting other than the businessleft unfinished at the meeting from which the adjournment took place.
e) It shall not be necessary to give notice of the adjourned meeting, of the business to be transacted therein except when it is adjourned for a month or more.


The following procedure shall be adopted for the election of office bearers: a) ELIGIBILITY: Member who are not defaulters shall be eligible as voters and stand for election.
b) VOTERS LIST: The Executive committee shall prepare and affix on the Institutes Notbe Board the list of voters eligible to take part and vote under the rules, by the 1st week of February, Any objection by member for inclusion or non-inclusion of names must reach to the Hony. General Secretary by the 2nd week of February.
c) Votes shall be cast by ballot.
d) Nomination for the elective posts should be fixed on a prescribed form by thedate fixed. Each nomination should have a valid voter as “Proposer” and another valid voter as “Seconded” and shall be duly signed by them. The nomination shall also have the duly signed consent of the candidate to stand for election to the post.After scrutiny of the nomination papers by the Election Officer the names of the contestants and the posts contested for will be posted in the “Notice Board” of the Institute for information of all members.Ballot papers will also be printed.
e) The President will appoint a Sr. Member preferably an Assistant Commissioner, as Election Officer to Conduct the Election.


a) Any member including a member of the Executive Committee found guilty of ungentlemanly or unsportsman like conductor of a willful breach of any of the rules of the Institute shall be dealt with, in such manner, as the Executive Committee may deem fit and such decisions shall be final.
b) Any member causing loss or damage to any property of the Institute shall be liableto make good the loss or damage to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee.
c) A member whose conduct is the subject of enquiry by the Executive Committee ona report received from a Sub-Committee or from specifying the date, time and place of the meeting at which the Executive Committee proposes to consider his conduct and if he should fail to attend, the Executive Committee shall act in his absence, unless he shows good cause for his inability to be present and ask for an extension of time. Such time shall be reasonable and no 2nd extension shall be granted except under exceptional circumstances.A report submitted by a member under this rule shall be treated as strictly private, confidential and privileged.


a) Every Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting and/or meeting of the Executive Committee or a Sub-Committee the minutes of the proceedings of which have been duly confirmed shall be deemed to have been duly concerned and to be free from all defects and irregularities.
b) No act done or proceedings taken pursuant to any resolution passed or declaration made at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting shall be questioned on any ground whatsoever.


No proposal for addition or alteration of the rules shall be circulated or placed before the annual general meeting unless received by the Hony. General Secretary before the close of the previous year duly proposed by one member and seconded by another, both being of 3 years standing membership. No addition/ alteration of rules shall be made at any Extraordinary General Meeting or the Annual General Meeting except when passed by a two-third majority of the members present and voting at such a meeting.


The Executive Committee shall have the power to interpret these rules and their decisionson interpretations shall have to be unanimous. Where the Executive Committee do not unanimously agree on the interpretation of any rule or rules, then it shall be incumbent on them to seek precise interpretation at the next Extraordinary General Meeting of members and the decision of the members at such meeting on any such question of Interpretation shall be final and binding upon all the members.